Special Projects
International Work- Ivory Coast- Africa

In 2018 we we approached by a professional footballer living in the Ivory Coast, West Africa to supply and install a 120 x 24 x 36 inch marine full reef aquarium. 

This was no small task as all the equipment, glass aquarium, rock and 400 gallons of water needed to be shipped to site. A whole shipping container was used for the purpose with the logistics being planned meticulously down to the smallest detail! 


The whole job was carried out on a time frame of 6 days with the project being completed on schedule. Final design which includes a solid wood surround, floor to ceiling was carried out by a separate design company.      

Oxford University marine biology facility 

One of the larger projects again in 2018. We won the tender to fit out the marine biology facility with 120 systemised tanks including a plumbed in water changing facility. With over 1500 solvent welded joints there was no leaks and the project came in on time and on budget!