Marine Installation

This 78 inch long x 18 wide  x 30 high aquarium is located in a city office. After consultation with the client it was decided to make it a wall dividing tank viewable from both sides. 

The aquarium is a full reef aquarium containing SPS coral, LPS coral as well as a full range of other species and invertebrates. This, together with reef compatible fish, makes it a vibrant and colourful display of movement and form.

Once the final design for the project was complete the installation began. The glass component of the project was fitted onto a metal stand and underneath this, what is known as a sump tank was installed. 

This sump tank holds all the equipment needed to run the aquarium, effectively the life support system for the main display while keeping it hidden from view and reducing noise.

The rock-scape is added and cemented into place. This allows for sturdy attachment points for the coral and provides a solid base structure.




The aquarium is then matured and livestock slowly added. The whole process from empty glass box to a fully stocked, living reef can take anything up to 2 years and is part of the process that can't be rushed. In fact the joy of reef aquariums is watching the display slowly develop over the months and years! 

Lighting is achieved through state of the art multi channel LED systems that are fully adjustable and dimmable. Part of the dimming cycle involves the light turning a deep blue before lights off. In this state much of the coral will floresce various colours from red to green, yellow and pink and creates a beautiful and hypnotic display.  

The essential maintenance for a full reef aquarium would normally be carried out every two weeks on average and comprises changing water, cleaning and testing the chemistry. The key to a successful reef aquarium is stable water parameters and as such full reefs are one of the most labour intensive types of aquarium- but also the most stunning and beautiful!


As can be seen from the images below, there is a significant amount of equipment needed to run such an aquarium and this impacts on the final cost. But the finished results can make a really stunning and vibrant display in any setting.