Aquarium Services
Aquarium Design and Installation.


We offer a full design and installation service covering selection of the correct filtration, lighting and technical equipment as well as the visual layout for aquarium decor including Aquascaping and rock sculpting where necessary. This also covers the simple logistics of installing the glass aquarium and equipment on site in a safe and professional manner


Aquarium Maintenance and long term upkeep. 

Professional and dedicated aquarium maintenance for the particular tank you have with attention to best practice, ensuring long term success and best visual results. Supply of livestock and advice about compatibility. All livestock is fully quarantined to ensure optimal health.       

Technical knowledge and Aquarium troubleshooting. 

An in-depth and extensive knowledge of Aquarium systems, live stock and equipment allows us to recommend the best stock or equipment for any particular situation or just solve any Aquarium related issues you may have.


Aquarium removal and relocation.

Moving house and want to relocate the aquarium too?, or just need an aquarium shut down?- we can help with both!


Fish and livestock holding

We have an extensive facility for holding livestock. Livestock holding may be due to a tank move, house renovations or simply because some fish require some extra care before reintroduction.