Freshwater Installation

This fresh water aquarium is relatively simple yet very effective. Its a hard water aquarium with internal filtration and is what would be called an 'off the shelf' rather than a bespoke design, this particular tank is a Jewel Rio 125. 

Once the tank is in place it is filled with water, sand is added for the substrate and the addition of bog wood to add interest along with a number of species of plants. Fish are added the same day to complete the display made possible due to advanced bacterial filters. Although its a very simple set up it still creates a very beautiful and tranquil display.

Fresh water aquaria can take many forms- from very simple cold water aquaria such as gold fish to CO2 bed, soft water tanks such as Discus, all the way to hard water, alkaline aquaria such as cichlids. They generally are quiet, simple to set up and care for and require little equipment. Added to this, the fish are generally much more robust and hardy in the scheme of fish keeping.


Lighting on this tank is a simple florescent tube design. Although not nearly as bright as marines they still have beautiful colours in their own right.