About Us

Fanatic Aquatic Design Ltd was established by Jason Isaacs in 1998 after having worked in the aquatic trade for 10 years, seeing a requirement for out of shop care for the many customers who he encountered, began to offer his services to people who either did not have the time to look after their aquariums or were having recurring problems doing so.

Fanatic Aquatic Design vehicles

Slowly He developed a small client base which continued to grow until reaching a size that allowed him to leave shop work and continue to grow the business of aquarium installation and maintenance.

Over the years Fanatic Aquatic Design Ltd has developed into one of the largest and most successful examples of aquarium maintenance companies adding full retail services for its clients including aquariums, dry goods and livestock and equipped with a 1000 sq ft facility with over 40 aquariums, a reef system and plant units.

New techniques for aquascaping and fish husbandry are constantly being devised in our spacious fish house as well as new products tested before being offered for sale. Jason was joined in the field by Craig Ivey in 2011 and Craig Smith in 2016, generating an experience pool of over 70 years between them!

Simply put, we are fanatical about fish.